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Downtown Los Angeles Playtime Now I’m in the the ‘pink wall league’ with all the other ‘basic’ bloggers & Instagrammers. And I’m owning it 😀 I’m playing around doing little videos from my travels and every day life. This one is a tidbit from a shoot I did with old friend and photographer PK. ‘Modeling 101’ for anyone interested… PK and I met at the Grammys in LA years back and we have been friends ever since. We both share the love of photography, story telling, authentic people, Italian food

New vintage dress and sunset on the roof top on Mr. Purple never gets old New York Weekend Get-away It’s no secret that New York City holds my heart like no other city. Back in 2008 I came out with the book ‘NYC Head Over High Heels’ and every visit since is a fabulous re-exploration of the concrete jungle and city that never sleeps. Now, this trip is probably the first time I did it with a man on my arm. Usually NYC trips is a ‘girls only’ adventure.  (The

The past year held much turmoil, moving, traveling and rearrangements and I’ve neglected my blog and you guys who are so kind to check in with me. I’m truly sorry! The neglecting part is over. Small steps are being taken to get my blog back into shape with more features and possibilities. I met these 2 gorgeous, Danish girls who told me a thing or two about blogging. (My page is still work in progress, so please bare with me!) But these ladies are cool, fun, creative, down to Earth,

Campaign for Niophlex. Cannes Take Two You know you’re in the New Mexican desert when it’s bikini weather one moment and the next we have a snow storm. Bipolar weather plus AC gave me the axe and I’ve been down with a nasty cold in bed for the past 2 days. It blows to spend your vacation in bed, but it gives me time to blog and to catch up on TV shows. I’m inspired by my friends’ pictures from Cannes and the festival, which just kicked off. So here

Cover story for Luxury Aficionados Magazine. Tales from a Cannes Aficionado This year is the first time in a while that I don’t go to Cannes during the Film Festival. I’m enjoying a family trip to New Mexico and Vermont. But my absence in Cannes doesn’t mean that you get out of me talking about it 😉 May is usually super busy because of the planning, events, work, meetings, jet lag, no sleep etc. I realize, I never had a moment to do a post about what happens in Cannes

  Tuesday June 16th. 2015. The first day in 7 months I’ve been checking in. Not because I didn’t want to. On the contrary, I thought about writing many times since a lot is going on and I wanted to share. But for some reason my experiences never made it onto the blog. Or at least not until now. Why? Well, I guess you could phrase it like this: For over a decade my goal has been to release fear and do everything and anything I liked in spite of

The American dream… Or is it…?  Perhaps reality caught up with fantasy and left most of a population wondering what happened. Deserted, alienated and lost…. The images I’m posting tonight are mere a comment, not a conclusion nor a fact. We shot for Rock’n’Roll People. Photography: @ Nikolai Nalu / Landscape photography: @ Kristina Korsholm   / Styling: @Lehang Pedersen / Love Me Twice                    

Rock’n’Roll People Sorry! It’s been far too long since I posted anything in here.  I’ve been too busy on different accounts so when I finally arrived home all I wanted to do was crash with a movie or a book. Since I got back from Europe a little over a month ago I’ve mainly focused on finding the right post production house / scenario for our documentary about Artificial Life. We are almost done filming and it’s super exciting to see the little dots slowly come together one by one.

Sleep Over

Photog: Anja Ekstrøm / Mua: Gabriella Tipsa Bruun / Hair: Bomholt Intercoiffure Just dropping in to say hello on this beautiful Saturday. Nothing special on my mind, so I’ll keep it open today and see what inspirations flow my way. Also, for the first time in a while I have a day devoted to hot yoga, hiking and just kicking it. I’m not very good at doing nothing. I suck at it. Literally. But it’s pretty awesome for once not to have a deadline or tons of text to memorize.

  Photography: Anja Ekstroem / mua: Gabriela Tipsa Bruun / hair: Bomholt Intercoiffure Wow it’s Valentines Day and it’s like a pink flower bomb exploded in West Hollywood. Sounds tacky? Well, I kinda like it. Last night, exhausted, after a crazy week of meetings and getting back into the LA jive, I went to my local supermarket to pick up some food and a instead of food a botanical garden welcomed me. I couldn’t find the fresh sushi stand. It was gone. Or at least that’s what I thought until

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