Sleep Over

KK Anja sleepover

Photog: Anja Ekstrøm / Mua: Gabriella Tipsa Bruun / Hair: Bomholt Intercoiffure

Just dropping in to say hello on this beautiful Saturday. Nothing special on my mind, so I’ll keep it open today and see what inspirations flow my way. Also, for the first time in a while I have a day devoted to hot yoga, hiking and just kicking it. I’m not very good at doing nothing. I suck at it. Literally. But it’s pretty awesome for once not to have a deadline or tons of text to memorize. For some reason, today feels like a clean slate or like turning a page onto a new chapter…

The ‘Sleep Over?’ picture is a new shot, I did after crazy weeks of filming in snowy and muddy circumstances in Denmark. I remember that day as an ‘uphill’ day for me. I’m usually very much in my element when modeling and just chilling, hanging out and having fun with the team on set. But the weeks prior to this day, I was covered in special effects make up. I was black, brown and greasy all over and staying up until the wee hours shooting. To put it mildly, I was exhausted and I looked like shit going into ‘beauty make up’ for this shoot. My nails and hair looked looked filthy. It was hard to wash off the special effects makeup. Poor hair and make up ladies he he 😉 ! But they did a good job and because I have these crazy, short, edgy bangs (that I usually pull back) we decided to put them to use and do a look completely different from what I’ve done before. We removed my eyebrows (with makeup) and used the short bangs to create a weird, edgy look very much inspired by the female singer from ‘Die Antwoord’. I like to experiment and this pic if definitely a proof of that 😉

Enjoy your weekends

xx KK





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