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Hey everybody, Just a quick note before I hit the gym. I’m in Copenhagen since a few days now where I have been rehearsing the TV Series I’m doing and I had time for an underwater modeling gig as well. I’m aware of the fact, that it is so lame to talk about the weather, but I have to squeeze in a comment, regardless; ”Who the ‘F’ turned off the lights and shut down the heat?” Daymn, it’s going to be freezing when I film in my skimpy outfits and

The Holidays around Christmas seem to have most people in a frenzy. Wrapping up work before traveling somewhere, going nuts over gifts, economy, break ups, disappointments. A commercial hurricane that leaves lots of broken hearts and empty bank accounts. But capitalistic nonsense aside, the season luckily also spreads a lot of joy and love. Families are together and everyone get a few days of peace and calm where they can rest before a new year emerges. This year I wasn’t really sure whether to stay in LA or go back

Last night I went to an event at The Duncan Miller Gallery in Santa Monica owned by friend Daniel Miller, who’s specialty is photography. Right now he is running an exhibit on the iconic American fashion photographer Fernand Fonssagrives from the 1940’s and 1950’s. Breathtaking images from before retouch and phrases like ‘let’s fix it in post’ existed. Quite inspiring how he plays with light and shadow. In the adjacent room more contemporary photographers show their work and amongst photographs of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe is a picture of

  Once again I’m high in the sky somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean trying to put together a few coherent thoughts. Not sure how successful I am so please bare with me. Yesterday I had a fashion / beauty shoot that turned into an 18 hour intermezzo. Our shooting ‘itinerary’  was not planned to be this long, but everything just looked and felt stellar so we carried on into the wee hours shooting. The whole team was awesome, lovely, fast and very talented. It’s key that everybody is on the

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