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Why do you love Ibiza so much? That’s a question I often get from people who: 1. Either have not visit the island yet 2. People who came to the island, but accidentally stayed in San Antonio (don’t ever do that!!) 3. People who are not into ‘that kind of music ‘   Let me start out by saying that once you find the key to the island (whatever that means to you) you will wanna come back again and again and again. I’ve travelled with friends, who are not

Always big smiles when in New York City. Here in front of our boutique hotel in Soho ‘My Suitcase Lifestyle’ Confessions from a World traveller in collaboration with Due to my frequent flying and years of international endeavors I often get asked the following question:  ‘Where are you based these days Kristina?’ My swift reply has become:  ‘Out of my suitcase’, which is my current status. For quite a while my home has been where I drop my suitcase this particular night. Hence, I’ve begun to refer my lifestyle

New vintage dress and sunset on the roof top on Mr. Purple never gets old New York Weekend Get-away It’s no secret that New York City holds my heart like no other city. Back in 2008 I came out with the book ‘NYC Head Over High Heels’ and every visit since is a fabulous re-exploration of the concrete jungle and city that never sleeps. Now, this trip is probably the first time I did it with a man on my arm. Usually NYC trips is a ‘girls only’ adventure.  (The

Campaign for Niophlex. Cannes Take Two You know you’re in the New Mexican desert when it’s bikini weather one moment and the next we have a snow storm. Bipolar weather plus AC gave me the axe and I’ve been down with a nasty cold in bed for the past 2 days. It blows to spend your vacation in bed, but it gives me time to blog and to catch up on TV shows. I’m inspired by my friends’ pictures from Cannes and the festival, which just kicked off. So here

Cover story for Luxury Aficionados Magazine. Tales from a Cannes Aficionado This year is the first time in a while that I don’t go to Cannes during the Film Festival. I’m enjoying a family trip to New Mexico and Vermont. But my absence in Cannes doesn’t mean that you get out of me talking about it 😉 May is usually super busy because of the planning, events, work, meetings, jet lag, no sleep etc. I realize, I never had a moment to do a post about what happens in Cannes