Lesbian Week

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  The pictures are from the National Women’s Camp in courtesy of ‘Statsbiblioteket’

Lesbian Week

I was probably 5 or 6 years old, when my mother, her cousin and 2 other women in our community house plus their 2 children decided we should go on a summer festival together. Great idea! Weather was superb and we had a whole week together to play and chill. Our destination was the National Women’s Camp during the infamous ‘Lesbian Week’. The camp was located on a small Danish island called  ‘Femoe’. Come to think of it that would roughly translate into ‘Femme Island’ in French/English. The Island is small, but it also hosts a famous jazz festivals, which took place in the same week.



Community. Sing and dance

My mother was never lesbian, but she liked the female community and support of women. At this time (1981) the sister hood was very strong. This camp was only for women and boys under the age of 12. You were allowed to be in the nude or wear whatever little or much you wanted. We learned songs to manifest the female spirit, sexuality and organs. It might sound a bit weird today, but it really wasn’t at that time. I didn’t think much of the nudity, the sexual orientation or anything else. Today I still don’t have any problem whatsoever with nudity or difference in sexual orientation. But back then, I was so young and most of the time I ran around with my friends playing on camp ground or on the beach. I had a great time.



The camp

We all slept in huge tents with room for 12 people or more. One night a bunch of  men who must have been bored at the jazz festival decided to pay the Women’s Camp a visit. I guess they were drunk and thought it fun and alluring with so many women attending ‘Lesbian Week’ right next to them. I recall some of the men trying to get into the tents, which resulted in a huge scene. Some of the more militant women at the camp threw the poor lads out on their knees and elbows. So much for a lesbian fantasy boys …  😉

I do recall that my mother took me outside the camp almost every night alone to get ice cream. I thought she did it to spoil me. Later, I found out it was because she needed a break from the whole lesbian scenario.

Stay tuned for my next post tmro ‘Quiet House with Dad’.


My Community House Life with Mom

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My beautiful mother and I

Hi guys,

During the time I’ve been working on the documentary about the emerging technologies and about my father and I, I’ve been asked to dive back into my past and talk about my upbringing. Like most people’s past, my memories are both bitter, sweet, fun, nostalgic, sad, filled with love and luckily I can only count very few regrets.

I’ll share a few short chapters with you over the next week or two. Perhaps there will be things you can recognize from your own childhood or situations where you go ‘WTF?!’

I start in medias res with a chapter about my experience living in a commune with my mother. After this chapter, I will jump around as I please in place and time. It would be fun to hear your reactions and own experiences as well.


My Community House Life with Mom

My mother and I moved into a community house when I was around 4 years old where sharing and caring for community was key and Capitalism the word of death. I grew up in a time and a place where I was taught to believe that everyone is equal. Man or women. Child or adult. White or black. Equality was truth.

Our community house was a big mansion in a prominent neighborhood of Copenhagen. Hellerup. International Ambassadors and one of Denmark’s previous prime ministers were our neighbors. We lived about 20 adults in the house and 3 children. Over the years i lived here, people moved in and out and I soon learned to blend in and talk to anyone and everyone. Words like ‘solidarity’, ‘compassion’ and ‘equality’ became normative terms in my preschool vocabulary.

My home was a so called ’naked house’

My home was a so called ’naked house’. Meaning that people often walked around naked or topless whenever they felt like it. I took baths with the other children to save water and at one point there was a huge room where everybody slept. Adult and children. Later on I shared a room with 2 – 4 other children and we all shared our clothes and toys. Often times, the boy would borrow my dresses and I would think nothing strange of it. When the adults had sex they told us children ‘we are going to have sex now. Please don’t disturb’ and we would be like ‘ok’ and continue whatever we were doing.

We grew our own vegetables and marijuana in the garden. We had a pool, a sauna and a volleyball court in our garden. On Thursdays our house band ‘Perky’ would put on a music show and we would dance and sing. Everyone dressed up and had fun. Adults and children. I loved those nights!

It was also great for me to have access to the musical instruments. Everyday when I came home from school I played the piano and sang to relax. Later on when I didn’t have a piano I turned to writing because it relaxed me in a similar way. Not thinking. Just letting go of the day.

Next up is my lesbian week experience from my childhood. Stay tuned and check back in tmro!

xoxo KK

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3 Short Nights and Long Days in Copenhagen

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Beautiful Copenhagen

3 short nights and very long days in Copenhagen later and I’m in the airport lounge again waiting to board the flight to Zürich. Again (!) It’s been an interesting week so far with good meetings, work and a bit of friends and family time too.


Just got into Copenhagen this Tuesday. Dropped my bags and went into the Pilates studio to teach a few classes. A bit tired, but it feels great to exercise no matter how long a flight is.


Me goofing around in the other Pilates studio this morning 6 am pretending to be ready to teach a few classes before going to the airport today ;-).

On a PS note: I’m surprised by how much I enjoy teaching. Never thought it was ‘my thing’. But the combination of being very physical, the music, the flow, the energy in the room and being something for someone else is beautifully demanding in a great way and lovely.

It is said that we have 2 ears and 1 mouth because we should listen double as much as we talk. I agree. This week showcased a few situations with interesting conversations, at times, involving disagreement where I enjoyed / forced myself to listen, to take in and perhaps consider or learn a thing or two. Let’s see what comes out of it all…


You can spot the water and new Royal Theater all the way to the left in this picture

I booked a photo job while in Copenhagen. Once in a while it happens that I am behind the camera. I’m not a photographer per se, but I enjoy shooting portraits of people and the result usually turns out pretty ok. I’m good at directing people and they say that I make them feel at ease when they are having their pictures taken. The shoot location was absolutely stunning. Breathtaking views from east to west over the roofs of Copenhagen.

IMG_0322 IMG_0314

Enjoying the sun and the wild wind in my hair post shoot

And here I am in the airport lounge snacking away enjoying the gorgeous view before take off #Not! 😉 I’m about to head to the gate now so I’ll make this a short post.

Take care of each other, have a great weekend and talk soon again!

xoxo KK


Current View from the airport lounge …

IMG_0357 IMG_0358

PS – It’s friggin’ freezing in Copenhagen!!! Very happy to go somewhere a bit warmer 😀

Escapism or is it in my DNA?

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A snack in Brussels airport lounge before take off

Recently I had a discussion about my lack of settling down in one city, getting a normal job and chilling a bit. It’s a recurring topic in my life that people like to bring up. That I should change my lifestyle. “You have not been happy in a long time”. ” We see you struggle”.  “All the traveling is escapism”.

And perhaps they are right. Even though I am very good at having fun, my life is not always easy. It  might seem so through the optic of SoMe and plain appearance. But I’ve followed my heart on every account and on every occasion where I had to make a tough choice. Be it towards career or the past 2 years where I have focused more on love. And true: often when the career is blooming the love life is not really happening and vice versa. #Torned


IMG_0157 IMG_0156

Caught in a ‘hangry’ moment waiting for the Uber to take us to dinner.

Another thing that often makes me an outsider in these kind of conversations is, that my family and relationships are spread all over the Planet. So it more or less feels like traveling has become a part of my DNA. Families and lovers take public transportation or a taxi to see each other. I jump on a plane.

But I’m curious: If I’m wrong, how do people do it? What is a good life? Who can tell me how to manage this limbo between career and love? And if my heart is giving me all the wrong answers, then please tell me where the book is that gives me the better answers?



Spring in beautiful Zürich. Never get tired of this view over Bellevue


I know it looks cold. But I was in shorts on my morning jog by Zürich Lake


Catching some rays through an open window #LazySunday

I just got into Copenhagen after a long weekend in Zürich.  And as I’m preparing for my classes in a few hours, (I’ve recently become a Pilates instructor), I feel a bit discouraged and in doubt about my path. Hopefully it’s only PMS and the aftermath of the recent convo and Pilates will solve it and tomorrow will seem bright and fun again.

Until then check out the pictures below from my weekend trip if you like :-)

xoxo KK



Marc and I on a little family outing to the Rhine Falls. Definitely worth a visit if you are into waterfalls and rainbows! 35 minutes outside the city.


First day in Europe wearing shorts :-)


Dusk over Grossmünster in Niederdorf


Dusk in Niederdorf


Oriental vibes by Zürich lake


I haven’t been in Europe for Spring time in over a decade. It’s absolutely stunning and so fragrant!

Say Hello to My Nerdy Side! Fascination with the Emerging & Living Technologies

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Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 3.33.08 PM

My father professor Steen Rasmussen and I at The Santa Fe Institute

As some of you might know, I’ve been working on a documentary with my father about him, us, the emerging technologies (as in artificial life) and how these new living technologies are going to shape us, the next many generations and our World. I’m fascinated by the thought of synthetic biology and what can come of it.  And of course the relationship with my father has been interesting as well to develop together i this movie.

The movie is still developing and I am amazed how much has happened since I began this journey back in July 2013. The technology has evolved faster than we imagined and society and the press is slowly waking up and seeing that there are in fact real changes happening. It’s scary and fascinating at the same time. Technology is helping us with a lot now and we are experiencing less and less jobs in the World, which is why, I guess the term ‘basic income’ was coined and is being tested and discussed in certain countries.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 3.32.22 PM

Library at The Santa Fe Institute

I read somewhere (Oxford and Berkley studies) that in about 15 years time approximately 50 % of the job functions as we know them today will have disappeared. I’m not only talking about automation of manual labor. Also jobs that demands a thinking and decision making mind. Drones and cars without drivers are both examples of this trend. The computers, machines, or new technology if you will, is beating us to the punch here. In most cases they are better than us. This sounds scary. And it is. Because what should we do? Will our lives become just like in the movie ‘Humans need Not Apply’? Or will we figure out new job options that can keep us fed and happy?

But on the other hand, check this thought out: What if we regard these new technologies as our children? I’m not talking about robots that we build. I think robots are sort of ‘last season’ and a little bit uninteresting. No, I’m talking about synthetic biology. Artificial life. Cells like ours that are made of non living materials, but work like our biological cells. The artificial cells (Proto Cells) can undergo evolution and give ‘birth’ to new cells. Daughter Cells. Our hardware (our bodies and minds) are not the best fit for the future. In my dreams we are going to create a new generation somewhere down the road, that is way more fit hardware wise to exist and live on this Planet.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 3.33.41 PM

Anyways, these thoughts and much, much more is something we are discussing in the movie directed by Pernille Rose Groenkjaer and produced by Sigrid Dyekjaer both from Danish Documentary.

This 15 minutes video is from the BIO FICTION festival in Vienna 2014, where my dad and I were invited to talk about our movie and what we do. This video and the trailer in the video is NOT from the actual movie. The trailer was shot before Pernille Rose Groenkjaer got attached to the project. Pernille is an extremely competent film director and I’m excited to have her add even more layers to this movie and tell our story through her optic.

Click on this LINK to watch the video


A Year Older

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Dom Perignon and birthday chocolate cake from my man in Zürich during dinner at Lure. A total boss move from him and such a wonderful surprise!

Hey guys,

As you might noticed, I was so lucky to spend my birthday in the city that never sleeps.  I was born on March 19th, which is a Sunday this year, but my ‘day’ sort of morphed into a whole weekend of celebration and birthday fun. Blurred lines between the days, but on point when it comes to adventures, New York moments, cake and fun. Her are a few glimpses and moments from what went down last weekend in my favorite city…


Balloon walk-in to The Sub Mercer

One thing that I truly love and miss about living in NYC is the situations and adventures that occur within minutes. Be it on a random street corner, in a bar or at dinner. If you happen to be in the right spot at the right time opportunities arise and your day can go from A OK to amazing. Serendipity if you will.

So in a New York minute it happened that we wound up at Sub Mercer for super chef  Jean Georges’ birthday (apparently he is a Pisces too). I will spare you for the deets on what happened prior to this. However, I had no clue that the basement of The Mercer is still happening. It’s been about 10 years ago since I went to the opening. But it was packed and super fun.


Inevitable taxi shots. I believe this is earlier in the evening…


Another taxi shot. I believe this is later in the evening… 😉


Opening of Et Al. Here with the owner Damion. My buddy and Esper studio alumni

Couch ‘hygge’ with the birthday crew @ Et Al.


Blondes at The Blond

IMG_9933Always time to work and tea time in the lounge at 11 Howard. This is shot pre workout and yeah….  shades and all. Overkill. I know! But it was that kind of morning…


Mirror selfie time with my girl Tine before we head out to din din. This is a rather new tradition, but I think it’s here to stay #Sorry 😉


Squeezing in for a quick picture at Sub Mercer with the crew. Awesome Alejandro is giving my girl a friendly smooch before the champagne campaign commences

IMG_9837At the time it seemed like a cool idea…


And boom! Fast forward to my ‘real’ birthday, which was a surprise Sunday Brunch at Le Bil Bouquet uptown. Here with new buddy Theis and old buddy and Esper alumni Albert. 

Cake cake cake


Sunday Funday brunch <3


My girl Anni gave me a ‘Style Emergency Kit’. That came in handy immediately 😉

haha 😀


Ciprianis on a nice and quiet Sunday evening

And so the weekend came to an end… Happy, tired, with a belly full of cake and champagne and a head and heart full of experiences. I had turned a year older.

We wrapped my Sunday birthday here at the old and classic spot Ciprianis Downtown. Local New Yorkers like to call this spot Euro trash. I get it why, but I don’t care. I still love the place for what it is. An institution. I had lunch at Cips for the first time when I was 19, modeling in the city. An Italian photographer and good friend, whom I lived with at that time took me there. Fabrizio. He liked the food and wanted to introduce me to the scene. Today I go here with my girls and we absolutely love the Bellinis, the food and the good service.

That night, we were too tired to continue further. Even though NYC never sleeps, we thought it best if we do. The old saying goes ‘I turn a year older and non the wiser’, but luckily I guess this is not the case this time.


Tine and I signing out for the weekend. It was delicious on all accounts all around and I would like to thank  everyone who was there to celebrate with me :-)

NYC Birthday Trip Chapter 1

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Skyline view from the Brooklyn Bridge

I’m back in CPH after an amazing NYC trip!

That red eye transatlantic flight from NYC – CPH and going straight into work is a beast. I didn’t have the energy to post anything yesterday, but now, resurfaced from a good night’s sleep I can share a bit from my NYC adventure.



Staying at 11 Howard feels like hanging with the cool kids in beautiful surroundings

Every time I’m in NYC I wonder why I ever moved away in the first place. I understand that New Yorkers get fed up with the noise and hustle long term. And I do see that the city has become more commercial and lost some of it’s ‘teeth’ and edge since 2008. All that said, I still get butterflies when I see the Manhattan skyline and it feels like a never ending love story to walk the streets, visit my favorite, old spots and discover new places and faces.



En route to Soho House and had to snap the messy vibe from Meat packing

NYC gives me space to be myself, to be creative and come up with new ideas and thoughts. It is a city where everything is possible and you can get anything any time of day. An all around energy booster on my creative account, yet a solid drainer on the bank account 😉



Down town vibe #ootd #hurlumhej


Ladies who lunch (Tine, Anni and baby Ava in the stroller) @  Sant Ambroeus downtown

No NYC trip without my girls!

It’s funny how a bunch of the close Danish girl friends I have today, I never met in Denmark. We randomly met in NYC when I was still living in the city or when I was visiting from LA. I guess the attraction to the city that never sleeps runs deep in all of us and serendipity made us meet in a blessed NYC moment.


No NYC trip with out at least one lunch @ Bar Pitti


Comfort food anyone?


Catching one of the shows @ The Box is always an experience outside the box

Since this trip to NYC was my birthday weekend I will do more posts right here on the blog over the next couple of days to give you a glimpse of some of the fun and craziness I experienced. (Still recovering 😉 ) The above pic is one snap of our trip to The Box, which is an all time classic in my NYC book. Before it opened and anyone had a clue what The Box is (including yours truly) , I auditioned as a dancer in the ensemble on the stage here in NYC. I kid you not! I was still in acting school @ William Esper Studio at that time, but that’s a whole other story for another future blog post…

I’m headed to work now so gotta go. Stay safe and speak soon again!

xoxo KK


NYC Birthday Weekend

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I Heart NYC


There shall be drinks… #tb from a NYC moment

What’s better than celebrating your birthday? It’s celebrating your birthday in your favorite city – NYC.

I’m so lucky to spend the weekend around my birthday in NYC with my good friends. Yes, I know the city just had a snow storm, but who cares, when you can get some of that groovy city vibe and energy that keeps me smiling for weeks.

I’m currently mid air with only 2 hours left before touch down. Thank God for Wifi! :-)

I brought my Hasselblad camera because I want to document some of the fun, the fashion, the food, the new and old happening spots, the style and energy from this weekend beginning tonight. It’s been a while since my book ‘NYC head over high heels’ came out. It’s time to look into what’s new.

Here’s a glimpse from mid air action with our laptops and a relatively big lack of sleep.


Working and napping


Departure time from Copenhagen. Tine, Jeff and I. So cool we could all fly together this morning!




My Non-Biological Family

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Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 4.39.49 PM

My Non-Biological Family #BUC

We all stem from biology and many of us are blessed with a biological family who we share, love, cry, disagree and compare us self with. I cherish my family and absolutely love all the laughter, tears and experiences we have.

But what I realized when I moved to NYC is that you can be lucky enough to meet a new family. A family number 2. A tribe you become part of. A wolf pack if you will.

You feel it because you are made of the same material. You share crazy visions that people find unrealistic, you share love for adventure, you share a passion for exploring life outside normal boundaries and you often feel like an outsider. Looks, finances, gender, race –  this feeling is transcendental.

Last winter my good friend, and big part of my new non-biological family, Annijamila had an outstanding wedding in Tulum, Mexico. I don’t want to disclose any official photos or clues from the wedding until the couple is ready. But I can say that it was an outer worldly experience and I am very, very happy that Anni and her husband Alberto got my non-biological family together for an unforgettable time.

I’m ready for a take 2 !!!

With love KK <3



The stunning bride Annijamilla #MyCindarella


Tulum nature


Tine, Giada, Christel & I #Bridesmaids #BUC


Happy ending in Tulum #NotSorry


Unforgettable beach ceremony


Wild love goes hand in hand with wild nature




Impeccable beach view #CasaVioletta


Lunch time #BeTulum


Take the red pill / take the blue pill #TheMatrix


All smiles #MyGirls


Miami for the Weekend

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There are many reasons why I love my hometown Copenhagen. One of them is the ease of skipping out on a long weekend when February weather gets too nasty. This time I am lucky to visit beautiful SoBe, Miami.



About to board #MiamiBound

A lot of people wonder why I fly so far for a weekend only. Yes, it would have been nice to stay under the Miami sun for a few days longer, but work calls and I learned to deal with jet lag at an early age. I still get jet lagged, but I find that the trick is not to aggravate over a messed up sleep schedule. Instead, regard it as an opportunity and put it to good use when you can. I saw the opportunity to get out of ‘B person’ mode and get up with the sun every day. Literally.


World class view #NothingLikeIt

So what’s Miami like? The short version: Amazing weather, beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, good beach clubs, water sports, great restaurants, food and overall perfect spots to chill and enjoy life on or near the water front. Ocean view is everywhere.

I worked out in the gym every morning, did yoga, took walks on the beach or found a spot from where I could watch the boats come in and out of Miami Port while the sun travels it’s course from east to west. I meditated during sunset Sunday evening for the first time in ages. SoBe put me in a ‘La dolce far niente’ state of mind.


IMG_0054 IMG_0052 IMG_0043

Playtime with my girl Giada on the beach at Miami Soho House

Miami moves on a very slow pace compared to LA, NYC and Europe. The ‘maniana – maniana’ attitude reminds me of my time in Nicaragua. So don’t expect fast service, or that your über driver will take you the fastest route to your destination or that you get much advice or help in stores. Miami is chill time.


Mardi Gras at Miami Soho House

Who are the locals? Miami has a large Latin community, so I got to practice my very rusty Spanish (Read: by now – non existing). A local told me that ‘Miami is the end of the road’ meaning that people go there to retire. And I can see that. I mainly met people who retired at an early age and now they spend their time investing and enjoying their time.



The sound of the Pacific Ocean relaxes and balances me <3


Sunset over Miami Port. The Iphone shot does not give the view justice though


View from the lounge in the airport. You can spot Miami downtown in the far horizon



Love it when I have enough leg room 😀


I just got back into Copenhagen and I’m on my way to work riding my bike through the rain. A Major change of scenery; From convertibles to biking through the rain. Both are awesome in each their own way. I loved the Miami weekend escape and would do it again in a heart beat!

On a day like this the saying ‘The World is my Oyster’ fits perfectly. Contrasts and differences are beautiful and I truly appreciate the possibilities my path gives me to experience it all  <3


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