This movie might look romantic and innocent. It isn’t… Hey guys, The absolute radio silence stems from me trying to change web hosts. A switch that went completely haywire and resulted in a digital disaster 🙁 . I’m just getting on my feet again recovering all my content and hoping to be back in blog / Vlog biz with frequent posts again very soon. Autographing the “Sedona’s Rule” movie poster While doing everything I could to retrieve old and new blog content (pictures, texts, videos since 2008) I stumbled across

Robert Knepper & I after wrap   Trailer Talk from Los Angeles A little peek behind the scenes and into my trailer on the movie ‘1st Born’ Last month I shot the movie 1st Born. I play a small part, but had the pleasure of working with super stars Robert Knepper and Jay Abdo. Two fantastic human beings and fabulous character actors. Such a joyride to work with them and be on set with our great Iranian director Ali Atshani, who directed everyone in his native tongue (!) It was

The Junkie & The Addict “I chase the sun, I chase ‘Vitamin D’” What did you do on your weekend? Well I hung out with another travel addict. Her name is Traveljunkie. An addict and a junkie? That sounds a bit off. But it’s not as bad as it sounds. We are both on the move very often, but usually for different reasons. Traveljunkie, will give you her best recs of hotels, beach clubs, restaurants etc. in warm places around the World. While I, the travel addict, mostly travel for

Downtown Los Angeles Playtime Now I’m in the the ‘pink wall league’ with all the other ‘basic’ bloggers & Instagrammers. And I’m owning it 😀 I’m playing around doing little videos from my travels and every day life. This one is a tidbit from a shoot I did with old friend and photographer PK. ‘Modeling 101’ for anyone interested… PK and I met at the Grammys in LA years back and we have been friends ever since. We both share the love of photography, story telling, authentic people, Italian food

Roof top ‘hygge’ at Perch Downtown LA LA Weather ~ You can’t beat it! Hi my lovelies, A quick hello from my ‘suitcase life’ 😀 I’m working on creating some video content for you guys. Soon, I will be able to show more in less time. And you will get an even better and more real idea of what is happening on my travels. Be it the big and fabulous endeavors or the small and super low key cozies. LA traffic ~ you suck! This first video is from my

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