Stage Preparation – Game on!

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Selfie time before I teach a private class

Hey guys,

A brief check in before I’m off to a new line of work that I added to my resume recently. I’ve become a Pilates Reformer Instructor. Yup! Since I discovered the training form in 2013 I’ve been a huge fan so it came naturally to fast track the instructor education with Energii while I was in Copenhagen.

People have asked me why I spend so much time in my native town after 11 years in the US and I’ve been a bit secretive about it. I have not left the US. Not at all (!) But I can open up a bit and say that my frequent appearance on Danish grounds is because I’ve gotten an offer I couldn’t resist. The documentary film about my father and I aside (which is still in production), I booked the lead in a play, which will open at Christiansborg Teatermuseet. I am not ready to tell what character I will play nor when the play will open. I will at a later point. I’m both terrified and excited to get this honor and opportunity.

So, the idea to become an instructor, be very physical, work with rhythm, musicality, energy and flow with an audience seems natural. Matter of fact, it prepares me for stage performance, projection of voice, poise, to play and have fun while getting in better shape than I’ve been in 10 years. #Winning

These are some snap shots from my own classes where I instruct and between takes, when we shot the new commercial for Energii reformer training.  I will make sure to share the video once it airs.

If you’re curious, wanna get long and lean muscles come check it out! You’re more than welcome to inbox me and get a class with me as instructor free of charge.

I’m out peeps!

Take care and talk soon. I’m feeling 2017 … :-)


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Goofing around between takes for the new Energii commecial


Big muscle boys cry when they meet strong girls…


Very early mornings in the studio with lots of filter 😉

A Lena Dunham Moment

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All still fun and games on the red carpet at CphFW Opening lunch

On this gray day, I’m cuddled up by the candle lights on my dad’s farm in the island of Funen wrapped in cozy Ralph Lauren knitwear and chunky scarves. This could have been the first paragraph in a romance novel sponsored by fashion ads. It isn’t.

Instead it is an essay in turning a not so fortunate 2016 into a great 2017. ‘Essay’ is French for ‘trying’ or ‘testing’. So in English I would call it ‘an attempt’. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I want to tell you a bit about my week and morning, which holds both glamorous and not so glamorous moments.

IMG_9222 IMG_0004

My 2 gorgeous girl friends & I dolled up at The Reception @ D’Angleterre


Filming Friday with Danish Documentary. Such a great team!

After arriving from Zürich Tuesday morning and going directly to the opening lunch of CphFW the week had me running between work, meetings, fashion events and filming. Mostly fun, but also tiring. Friday evening after we wrapped our shoot, I was dead tired and couldn’t wait to escape to the farm. My dad and I had planned tons of activities together, but instead of doing fun family stuff I’m down with a severe cold on day 2. My head is exploding and my physical appearance, level of glamour and productivity is basically non existing.


And ‘Boom!’ Down with a cold binge watching HBO 

The past 48 hours I’ve binge-watched  “Better Things”, “The Affair”, Sex & the City” and “Girls’ only paused by my dad steeping in to bring me hot tea and my favorite candies ‘Matador Mix’. Such a sweet heart <3  The HBO  binge made me feel even sadder and non existing. Flopped out on the couch unattractive, self absorbed and whining while exciting events and moments are passing me by all over the Planet. You could probably say I had a ‘Lena Dunham moment’ minus her OCD symptoms. So I made a wise decision and went to sleep.

This morning I wake up from a nightmare where I caught my boyfriend having oral sex with 1 of 2 hot blonde, brown eyed sisters in a ski resort. Still feeling queasy from the cold and confused from the bad dream, I make sure to send my man a cold and angry text message before I go ahead to check Instagram and messenger. In messenger some artist or photographer asks me to pose for him. He asks me to wear lingerie. I don’t answer. He changes his mind and asks me to pose nude because he thinks my boobs look good. I don’t answer. I feel even more frustrated. Not even the compliment to my boobs help.


Yup! We have candles and they are pretty. I’m bored and suck at selfies

To distract myself I read my horoscope on this stupid app I have from Susan Miller I say ’stupid’ because I’m annoyed how her words sometimes affect my day either positively or negatively. I deleted the app and totally forgot about it. But apparently my sneaky MAC book stored it and out of the blue it was back on my phone and I was hooked again. This morning Susan’s words advice me to make a list of things to get rid of. Like negative stuff from 2016 in order for me to have a great 2017. And hands down, who doesn’t want a great 2017? It’s not like 2016 was hilarious. But I suck at doing lists. Not shopping lists. But lists that actually matter. It’s like there’s comfort in not being too happy nor too successful, which is really fucked up if you think about it. But making big changes can be hard. Even for a free spirit like moi, who for more than a decade, has called the place where she dropped her velvet Gucci make up purse ‘home’.

A shrink once told me something along the lines of this: “Kristina, I don’t think you are scared of failing. I think you are scared of success.” She might be right. And to prove her wrong, I will begin with baby steps and do this list and then follow it. I’ll start today and then get back to you when I’m done. If you feel pissed or inspired by me then do your own ‘effing’ list and then we can compare notes down the road and see if 2017 is great or not. Deal?

Here are Susan Horoscope’s questions for you:

– What was your finest success and what was your biggest frustration in 2016?
– What/who brought you the biggest joy?
– What are you proudest of having done in 2016?
– What would you like to change / delete moving forward so you can make room for new experiences?
– What is your #1 priority to tackle in this year?
– What is the single thing that you are looking most forward to do in 2017?



I’m doing my list right now. How far are you?

You’re welcome 😉




The 6-Pack Challenge

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Hey friends,

Today, I feel like sharing a challenge I took upon myself

“The 6-pack challenge”

My physique has always been sort of slim ranging from very, very skinny when I was in my early 20’s. This was during my start-up modeling days where Kate Moss reigned as beauty and body icon and made a lot of young girls loose their baby fat fast. A few years ago, I became more bulgy when I couldn’t workout because of foot problems. Today I’m slim and feel comfortable in my skin, but I like to compete and I love a good challenge!

Whatever size my body has, I never had the pleasure of meeting my 6-pack. We all have one. It’s just that some of us hide it well under our belly fat / love handles 😉

I wanted to test what 15 sessions of Energii training could do for my 6-pack. 15 hours of sweat and concentrated workout.

I chose Energii because I can train a combination of pilates/reformer training and cardio workout in a hot room. 2 very different approaches, but both a high intensity and low impact workout. It’s important for me not to over-train and hurt my body nor provoke my old foot problem again. When the season turns cold and dark like now, I prefer to work out in the hot room – Heat it Up Cardio.

The plan was to train disciplined, but trips to London, NYC and to the countryside on my dad’s farm with plenty of wine and good food set me back training wise. (They say that diet is almost 70%) So the results didn’t show as fast I think they would, had I stayed put in Copenhagen focused. However, I do think some improvement shows. What do you think?

Below you can see my transformation from before and after after 15 sweaty sessions. I took the photos in the same mirror, but the light is unfortunately not quite the same in all of them. But no filters nor any other manipulation on the pics.


‘Tummy selfies’ before 6-pack challenge


‘Tummy selfies’ mid 6-pack challenge


‘Tummy selfies’ after 15 hours of 6-pack challenge.

Here are some pics from my training process:


Reformer training is great for core workout and getting long, lean muscles (above).


Heat it Up Cardio detoxes and burns fat like crazy

‘Authenticity’ – Word of the night

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Californian nature is breathtaking…

So what is LA life like these days? It’s better than it’s been in a long time if you ask me. The city and the atmosphere is positive in spite of crazy candidates for election. Yet I still am split between Europe and LA living my life on Face Time or on a flight more hours of the day that I’d like to. I’m wondering if that will ever change since my loved ones are spread all over the planet.

I have many different things on my mind tonight I don’t know where to start. First, I would like to apologize to all my friends and the people who write me and ask for advice about LA and NYC. I get many requests every week and I don’t know how to get around to answer everybody. I hope you don’t hate me :-( . I guess this would be the time to do a concierge guide for my favorite cities. I have lived in a suitcase pretty much since 2005 and have more than a few tips and experiences to share.

Next topic. I’m moving (again!) and the whole packing and going through my books, papers, clothes etc. makes me reevaluate a few topics. One is: Are you where you want to be? Are you what you want to be? But even more importantly, are you WHO you want to be? I think the last question is the most important because it deals with the level of authenticity you practice. Now, this is subject to interpretation because it means different things to everyone. For me, part of it means always asking the ‘why’ before I embark onto a new project. Because our actions become us. And if I cannot answer that ‘why’ in a way that agrees with my core values I cannot be authentic it in.

To not make this too long winded and because I have to sleep, I have a shoot tmro, I will just wrap it here with the word of the night being ‘authenticity’.

The pictures below are just a few of my Cali experiences. Hope you like them :-)


Blessed and happy to experience moments like these. Casa del Mar in Santa Monica.


More beach time… Check out how the ice cube melts between my fingers.


From Venice to Malibu


Moving and down with the flu. Not the greatest combo :-(


Taking my calls in my bikini today and this huge butterfly came by to say hello






Please Energii, come to Los Angeles!

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gym selfie

A picture is worth a 1000 words. Long face and procrastinating with shameless selfies before I hit my local gym here in LA :-/

Just around New Year, when I was still in Zürich, I began feeling pain in my right foot. It began as a tiny aggravation. Slightly annoying since  I was well on my way building up my cardio regime over the fall and I was making head ways getting back in shape.

My foot pain went into a full fledged nightmare once I hit NYC mid January. One morning I went onto the treadmill in the hotel gym, but less than 2 minutes into the run I was limping, crippled and in severe pain. Worst part: I couldn’t wear high heels anymore. NYC without high heels??!! Nightmare!

Finally, after consulting specialists I understood that I need to slow down (again) and only do low impact (and sneakers). It’s hard when my heart is in high impact (and high heels). Argh! So what’s next? I’m one of those persons that HAVE to move and exercise or I go bonkers. It’s a mental thing for me. Sweating and being physical clears my thoughts and makes me happy.

Well, I will have to find a substitute until I hit Copenhagen next time and can start at Energii again. The reformer training I do with Energii is fantastic because I can get in superb shape, yet I can’t hurt myself in those machines. It’s low impact with the cardio intensity. Plus it’s fun and only one hour. Efficient, fast and fun. Seriously the dream for anyone with a busy schedule and tender feet / problematic limbs like myself.

It’s my birthday next week so I get to have a wish: I honestly think, that team Energii should open a studio here in LA. What? Is that too much to ask? Thank you Gitte! (the owner, editor) 😀

And thank you readers for lending your ears to my sorry ass pity party story. I hope you are having a great day whereever you are. And if you do happen to pass by Copenhagen check out what they do at Energii. But be careful! You might get hooked like me 😉

much love KK

Look sexy naked

Look Sexy Naked!

Owner, Gitte Mia Salling and dancer Mai-Britt plus yours truly on the reformer getting our sweat on #GangstaStyle


reformer training!

Did I forget to mention that the colorful toe sox make it even more fun 😉 

heat it up!

Heat It Up!

Strong mind, proud pose, open heart


2 more shameless selfies.

Left side: Bored af in my gym in Zürich. Right side: bored af in my car, headed to my LA gym 😉

On Reflection, My Biggest Regret

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cover 1 DC jpeg

  • Name: Kristina Korsholm
  • Title: Actress/Model/Author
  • University and Year of Graduation: University of Stockholm BA in journalism (1999) / University of Copenhagen BA in Film and Media (2001) / Ophelia Acting Studio Copenhagen (2006) / William Esper Acting Studio New York (2008)

Recently I was asked to share my experiences and reflections on my college years for an upcoming book and articles about education in the US.  I will post the full interview, author’s name etc. once it’s published and edited. Until then, here is a brief thought on regrets.

Today’s aspiring students need your advice. Please share your thoughts about the following question:

On Reflection, My Biggest Regret

The only thing I regret looking back, are the times I didn’t say ‘yes’ to life. The times my heart skipped a beat because something sounded incredibly exciting and felt so right up my alley that it kept me awake at night. And instead of going with this feeling, I turned down the opportunity because I was scared. Thoughts about what would be correct and what would be a strategically smart move for my future instead of going with what was so obviously right for me clouded my mind and my judgement. I see this now, because I know myself slightly better today.

Like most other young people, I wanted to (and still want to) make my parents, professors and peers happy and proud. Most of all my parents. My family. But what I have come to realize through many discussions, trials and errors is, that my parents are happy when I am truly happy. So in failing in being truthful to my heart, I am not only letting myself down, but also the ones I love the most.
That being said, I think I made up for the times I said ‘no’ in my early years by now. After I went from an academic and corporate focused career (CEO of a PR company) to a career as an artist, saying ‘yes’ to life became my anthem. Perhaps too much some times. I’m not sure. But nevertheless, it has brought me many amazing experiences and catapulted me to levels I never thought possible  professionally, spiritually and personally.

It’s a hard lesson learned when you discover that time is the one currency that gets more valuable the older we get. So spend it with authenticity and tons of appetite.

One piece of advice I would give to anyone. Aspiring college students or anyone else: When it feels right, it probably is right. So do yourself a favor and say ‘yes’ to life…


A New York Minute

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nyc jan1

Me going nuts in LA. I heard doing a little home Spa treatment cools your jets…

Perhaps you heard that The East Coast was subject to a blizzard by the name of Jonas, which pacified most of the flight traffic for almost a week and put the major cities under a huge, white duvet of snow. The mayor of Washington DC stated that “where you are Friday night you will stay until Monday morning”. On Saturday in NYC it was illegal to drive in the streets after 2:30 pm.  I don’t mean to do a weather report, but I gotta say it was a pretty insane experience.

I was supposed to go to NYC Saturday, but instead I ended up sitting on my hands from Friday till Monday with my flights to NYC getting canceled left and right. Monday I booked a business class ticket with South West, the only ticket one could get out of LAX to NYC. But the airline decided to cancel my flight mid air. I kid you not! I got an email stating that my flight to NYC was canceled an hour before I arrived for my layover in Chicago. The flight was grounded in Chicago and so was I with no help.

Long story short, I have never had such bad treatment from any airline in my entire life. South West told me to sleep in the airport, they would not give me a hotel and that they would put me on a flight the next morning. At this point I had not eaten all day because South West doesn’t have any food on board. The service I got in Chicago was outrageously bad and it continued when I finally made it into NYC. (After tears, I managed to get onto the last flight out of Chicago the same night). I didn’t get my luggage until the next evening and South West told me that I had to pay for delivery as well. Cash. Seriously? You buy a business class ticket and then you are basically told to go ‘ef’ yourself. Jesus! Oh well, I made it in one piece and NYC is still the best city in the world.

I had 2 nights and 3 days in the city that never sleeps and that’s exactly what we did: We didn’t sleep. Even though our hotel is awesome we didn’t spend so much time there. We’ve stayed at Sixty LES the last 2 times. and been really happy with it. The rooms are big and you have a good gym, pool and roof top bar. And the location is the best.

My girls and I managed to visit some of our favorite spots, see some of our favorite people, go out every night and still hit the gym in the am before morning tea time. We didn’t skip a beat. Yet, still I could easily have spent more time in NYC.

I’m writing as I’m flying home to LA now. It’s pilot season and hopefully it will be busy. We are about to land so I have to stop. Oh and for the record flying home with United has been a breeze. Smooth sailing and awesome service.

have a great night or morning wherever you are and speak soon!

xoxo KK

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nyc jan

2 am and finally in my bed at Sixty LES

nyc jan6

Lunch for champions. Gotta have my favorite eggs in tomato at Bar Pitti :-)

nyc jan5

Ladies who lunch. So nice to see my old girlfriends Tine, Anni, baby Ava and ‘uncle Gavan’ at Sant Ambroeus Soho.

nyc jan3

I feel extremely lucky to have a mentor like Anton Perich. We met in 2005 when I first moved to NYC and began working together and hanging out. It is always such a pleasure to meet up with him and catch up about life, see his art, hear about our families and talk about the big questions in life. Thank you Anton!

nyc jan2

Let the selfie game begin! My bestie Tine and I making sure we get that right light right. It’s not easy, but it’s fun 😀

nyc jan4

Such a fun night! Winding up at 1 Oak in the wee hours. Don’t think I’ve been to that oldie, but goodie NYC spot since 2011

nyc jan7

In the airport again, taking a minute and realizing how fast life goes…. Headed back to LA and to new adventures …

The End of Imperfections

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Camilla Rude, owner of Klinik Rude and I in their beautiful space in Copenhagen

During my last stay in Copenhagen I visited ‘Klinik Rude’, a cosmetic dermatological clinic with dermatologists, dentists and nurses on staff.

I went to this specific spot because I know the owner Camilla Rude and because other local girlfriends of mine recommended their work. Coincident had it, that Camilla and I shared a flat for a few days during Cannes Film Festival in May 2015 and as it usually goes for women who spend a lot of time together, we also began sharing clothes, dating stories, beauty tips and skin concerns.

My main skin concern is my hyper pigmentation in the face. More or less ‘tanned spots’ random appearance on the skin when exposed to sunlight. It’s unbelievably annoying and the reason why I wear makeup. I’ve had it more or less since my early 20’s and all doctors tell me that birth control (the pill) was the kick starter for my new ‘look’. And they say it will probably get worse if/when I get pregnant. Great!

Camilla told me that they have two specialized treatments for my problem at Klinik Rude

  1. A special mask you take home, put on your face and wear for 12 hours. This means a downtime of 12 hours, where you cannot leave the house. I didn’t have time for it on this trip so I chose treatment number
  2. A laser treatment, which doesn’t have downtime, but sounds a bit scary if you ask me. Luckily it isn’t. It will make your pigmentation go a bit darker for a few days until the pigmentation falls off by itself. Today the lasers are not painful as they were years back and my skin looks so much better after the treatment. I can totally recommend it to anyone, who hates his or her pigmentation spots as much as I do.

Will the pigmentation come back? Good question. Usually the tanned spots resurface when I’m exposed to the sun. Also in spite of the fact that I wear SPF 100 every single day. Since I live in LA, California, the sunshine state it’s almost impossible not to catch some rays. But I have a feeling the problem will be less this time. My skin looks and feels a lot stronger and the texture is better. I’m headed home to LA in 9 days so I’ll let you know how it goes by then …  😉


Camilla Rude. Business woman and beauty specialist

Here is a little interview I did with business woman Camilla Rude. I think she is such a power lady. Beautiful inside and outside. And it’s very cool of her to have the guts to open up her own clinic and talk about all the beauty ’ no-nos’ , secrets and subjects that most people find taboo to talk about in public. Respect and kudos to Camilla and her staff and I will definitely come back next time I’m in Copenhagen!

Name: Camilla Rude

Title: Owner of Klinik Rude

Hometown: Copenhagen

Favorite travel destination?

The small private islands around Venice in Italy. Its amazing. The food, the weather, the people, and you have to sail everywhere.

Favorite beauty product?

Super Booster3 night cream in the Clinical edition, which you can only buy from dermatologists. It has more vitamin A than every cream I have ever heard about.

Favorite item in your closet?

My little black dress from Wolford.
What is your beauty routine (morning / evening)?  

Use as few different products as possible and do not change often. Otherwise you will have breakouts eventually. Use a cream with vitamin E in the daytime to soften your skin (and remember the neck). In the night time use vitamin A. The skin works a lot when you sleep, and vitamin A keeps your skin younger

What is the most important to do if you want to be healthy and look beautiful?

Drink a lot of water, eat mostly raw food and no sugar. Do not use too much cosmetics.

What’s your number 1 beauty tip?

Sleep and a healthy diet. If you have wrinkles, Botox for sure.

If you could only do 1 beauty treatment for the rest of your life, what would it be?


What is your professional background?

I have a Masters degree in communications and economics.

What made you want to start Rude?

It was my passion for starting my own business and beauty. And to be able to help other people. All are subjects close to my heart.

What is Rude and who are the owners?

Klinik Rude is a cosmetic dermatological clinic with dermatologists and nurses, who treat wrinkles and skin diseases with Botox, filler and lasers. We are two owners, Jimmie Larsen and myself. We do everything else aside from treating patients.

What is Rude’s philosophy?

To help people become as beautiful as they wish to be.

Do you feel a change in your own lifestyle after you started Rude?

Definitely. I have grown more these two years I’ve had Klinik Rude, than I thought was possible. I have learned a lot about people, about the business life and the  obstacles.

What costumers visit Rude?

It’s everyone. Young women who want bigger lips, elder women who want to look younger. Young boys with skin problems like acne and rosacea, grown up men, who wants to remove hair and wrinkles.

What is the most popular treatment?

At the moment it’s lips.

What’s the future plan for Rude?

We wish to expand and open a clinic in Lyngby (Denmark) as well. Hopefully a place, where we can do more hardcore laser treatments; cutting off moles and do serious face lifting.

What’s your biggest dream?

To open a doctors clinic in Frederiksberg (Copenhagen). The clinic will have several different doctors to do their own independent treatments. Both dermatologists, plastic surgeons, gynecologists etc.


The Klinik Rude team


“Hyper pigmentation, die”!!! 😀 Camilla and I goofing around with the laser equipment. The shades are for safety.

For more information about Klinik Rude click HERE

If you would like to read Camilla’s personal blog click HERE

A power woman with a vision

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Gitte Salling

Hello my friends,

I’m back again after a little break. I wish I had more time to write on this blog again because I really enjoy it. Being on the road all the time create amazing stories waiting to be told. But you sneeze and a day goes by… #LifeIsShort

Anyways, I wanted to do a little introduction to a woman who has been an inspiration to me for a while now. Her name is Gitte Salling and she is making waves within a revolutionary training form called Energii. I think, I already wrote about how I began to train with Energii a while back and how much of a difference I could see on my body after only a few weeks. Gitte and her team of trainers have morphed many peoples’ bodies. Not only have they become healthy, beautiful and strong visually, but mentally as well. Because health is not only on a physical level.

Enough of my talk. Let’s see what Gitte has to say. After her interview you can check out a few pics and a video of how we train together. It’s fun!  😉 :

Name: Gitte Salling
Title: Founder & CEO of Energii
Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark
Favorite city in the world? New York
Favorite travel destination? Ibiza
Favorite item in your closet? My Hummel sneaks


What is your professional background?

I actually have 25 different educations within the fitness-industry. Yoga, reformer, spinning, dancing, fitness instructor just to name a few of them.

What made you want to start Energii?

I have always wanted to be self-employed and that dream came true, when I first discovered the reformer when I was traveling. I kind of invented my own training on the reformer and went back to Denmark to make it happen. Thank God, I wasn’t the only one who believed in this new exercise on the reformers.

How do you feel Energii training changed you/your body?

My body has become very nice and slim. The muscles are looking much better compared to the time I was into aerobics and spinning. I actually feel much more feminine now and my body is toned and tight all over!

Who can train Energii?

Energii is for everyone! The Superman guy, the old grandma, the young girls and so on. Everybody is welcome and everybody is able to join in!

What is the future plan for Energii?

We are very busy opening more centers not only in Denmark but also all over the world. The kind of workout that we do in Energii is very popular and demanded and we get queries from London, Paris, Hamburg, Oslo, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and Dubai and so on. Therefore, I guess the sky is the limit. However, I can reveal that our Scandinavian neighbors very soon will get what they have been asking…

Our plan is to try out the prospect of franchise because of the great demand.

Right now, we are also working on our Energii web shop, where we will sell many new, exciting products that works great with the training. But we will also launch our own clothing line, which I am very proud of.

What is your biggest dream?

Beside my family and my own health, my dream is to make Energii huge! I do not see any limitation at all – but I do see a lot of potential to expand the Energii concept. I love it and I love to develop, optimize and improve. Let’s face it – I am living the dream and that is the greatest feeling ever!



Summer greetings from Sugar Sweet

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Hello beautiful people

My last day in Zürich for now where Summer is kicking in hard and I wanted to drop by and say a quick hello.

I realize I haven’t told much about the TV show ‘The Team’ (‘Mord uden Graenser’) I am on. The TV show aired prime time in several European countries this spring so I know many of my Euro friends have watched it. But to my international friends or any curious Euros, this is a tiny update 😉

I play Sugar Sweet, a prostitute who runs a brothel with my pimp boyfriend Billy (played by Rudi Köhnke) and we both get into a lot of trouble throughout the season. The show is an international police story, where the Euro police is trying to solve a complicated murder mystery. A human trafficking case. ‘The Team’ is written by Danes and follow up very well in the league of successful TV shows like ‘The Killing’ , ‘The Bridge’, ‘Borgen’ etc. The story is complicated, exciting and with a lot of suspense. I mostly get my butt kicked, or I kick butt. Sugar Sweet is a survivor. She lives by the saying: “If you live by the sword, you got to be prepared to die by the sword”.

I had one violent fight scene with the great actor Filip Peeters. He didn’t talk much to me prior to our scene together. I remember, that we all met a week before actual shoot day to do stunt rehearsals and costume fittings at Nordisk Film in Copenhagen. When I saw the space I was going to fight for my life in, I was intimidated to say the least. It was a suffocating small cellar studio with meandering hallways. A tiny space filled with sharp edges and nails sticking out of the walls everywhere. I knew Filip and I were going to do this very realistically, which I love. But truth be told I was scared about the scenario with all these dangerous edges, shelves, nails etc. I want to be free when I do a fight scene like this and not restrained. It didn’t help that Filip didn’t talk to me much on the rehearsal day. I’m usually never nervous when I go on set, but I admit I had my concerns that week between rehearsals and shoot if I should call the director or not. In the end I didn’t, and showed up for the shoot. It turned out, that the nails and many of the sharp edges had been removed. A silent sigh of relief under my breath…

The scene went well and Filip and I got along perfectly. It was fun and very to the point, which I like. After the scene was done, we both sat down on the bed panting from the crazy movements and screaming. Filip looked at me with a nod and said with acknowledgement: ” I’ve never met a girl as strong as you before”. We did a selfie and then he had to catch a flight home and Lars Mikkelsen and Ole Boisen came to set to do their next scene.

This was just a tit bit from the entire shoot that went on for months for my part and way more for some of the other actors and the crew. I hope yo enjoyed/or will enjoy the series when it airs in your country. Or you can find it online.

Here is a link to a few of Sugar Sweet’s scenes and below are more pictures from set and a bit of press.

Enjoy your day and speak soon!

Love KK

THE TEAM / MORD UDEN GRÆNSER from Kristina Korsholm on Vimeo.


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