The Junkie & The Addict “I chase the sun, I chase ‘Vitamin D’” What did you do on your weekend? Well I hung out with another travel addict. Her name is Traveljunkie. An addict and a junkie? That sounds a bit off. But it’s not as bad as it sounds. We are both on the move very often, but usually for different reasons. Traveljunkie, will give you her best recs of hotels, beach clubs, restaurants etc. in warm places around the World. While I, the travel addict, mostly travel for

Downtown Los Angeles Playtime Now I’m in the the ‘pink wall league’ with all the other ‘basic’ bloggers & Instagrammers. And I’m owning it 😀 I’m playing around doing little videos from my travels and every day life. This one is a tidbit from a shoot I did with old friend and photographer PK. ‘Modeling 101’ for anyone interested… PK and I met at the Grammys in LA years back and we have been friends ever since. We both share the love of photography, story telling, authentic people, Italian food

Roof top ‘hygge’ at Perch Downtown LA LA Weather ~ You can’t beat it! Hi my lovelies, A quick hello from my ‘suitcase life’ 😀 I’m working on creating some video content for you guys. Soon, I will be able to show more in less time. And you will get an even better and more real idea of what is happening on my travels. Be it the big and fabulous endeavors or the small and super low key cozies. LA traffic ~ you suck! This first video is from my

Why do you love Ibiza so much? That’s a question I often get from people who: 1. Either have not visit the island yet 2. People who came to the island, but accidentally stayed in San Antonio (don’t ever do that!!) 3. People who are not into ‘that kind of music ‘   Let me start out by saying that once you find the key to the island (whatever that means to you) you will wanna come back again and again and again. I’ve travelled with friends, who are not

Always big smiles when in New York City. Here in front of our boutique hotel in Soho ‘My Suitcase Lifestyle’ Confessions from a World traveller in collaboration with Due to my frequent flying and years of international endeavors I often get asked the following question:  ‘Where are you based these days Kristina?’ My swift reply has become:  ‘Out of my suitcase’, which is my current status. For quite a while my home has been where I drop my suitcase this particular night. Hence, I’ve begun to refer my lifestyle

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