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Les Fleurs du Mal

Anita Ekberg in La Dolce Vita Wanna-be…. 😉 Hi peeps, It’s Tuesday and I’m (still) in Denmark. Yeah, it’s a trip. This is the first time in 9 years I’ve been over here this long. Do I miss LA? Of course I do! But here is the thing I’ve come to realize: Sometimes I get very attached to the projects I work on. It’s like I feel almost related to them. So, in the rare case that I’m inspired enough, I guess I could stay pretty much anywhere in the

Photography: Kim Prassana / styling & hair: Ghinwa Habta / mua: Laura Simion / location: The Odd Fellow Palace I wanted to say something tonight. And perhaps even to sound clever, refined, well versed or even sane while I spoke. But I found out that I hate myself when I try to sound, look or be ‘something’. Who am I to come to any kind of a conclusion about life or anything really, when I’m still searching for the truth like no tmro….? Yeah, of course I can report back

Reflexologist and manual treater Carsten Esmark @ work @Kropsinstituttet 😉 “Kristina, of course the magic word ‘stop’ is legit with me. But to get the most out of my treatment, I suggest, that show you me where you’re from when I work on your body” – These are the words from the ‘manuel therapist’ super star Carsten Esmark. At least in my book he is a legend since only 2 treatments has helped me immensely.  “Your lower back looks too straight. It should have a larger curve to it. There

Heart of Stone

Greetings from sizzling hot Copenhagen where the weather is better than I recall it has ever been during a Danish Summer. Sun every day for months and temperatures around 25-30 degrees celsius. Some Danes complain…. I’m all over it like white on rice. I’m still here in Denmark enjoying some family and friend time. It’s called vacation :-). But after a few days up north by the beach I felt jittery and went back into town where I can stay in the shade, I started working out again and I

Summer in Denmark…. And it’s even hotter than Stevie Wonder’s ‘Hotter than July’ Album’. I can hardly remember the weather being this blessed. I spent a few days in Copenhagen working and taking the last few meetings I possibly could before the Danish population dove directly into ‘Vacay Coma’. Meaning, you cannot reach anyone until August 4th. Phones, emails. Nothing is answered. Period. Annoying? Hell yeah! But probably very healthy. Remember, that we Danes are the happiest people on Earth… (!)  The weird thing is, that I do not recall

Wednesday night and I have an urge to scribble down a few lines. Though I’ve been in Europe a month I have not been in Copenhagen much. On the contrary. for some reason work, family and friends allured me elsewhere. Like this past weekend, where I visited the village of ‘Tisvilde’. A beautiful part of the north coast of Zealand not far from where I was born. Tisvilde used to be a sleepy, little village with nothing much to do. Those days are long gone. Copenhagen literally shuts down more

Not really sure where or what to start with… Fact is, it’s been months since I’ve visited the blog and for some reason tonight felt like the right time to come back for a moment to sit down, ponder and exhale. May flew by with tons of radical changes for me. Then June attacked full force as well and made sure I didn’t have a minute to rest, but kept my management skills in check. Firstly, I made the move from West Hollywood to Larchmont Village in Hancock Park, Los

Man, have I tried to write something here on this blog for a while without much success? Every time I sat down to write my thoughts went into either mush or into a inferno and I almost fell off my chair of exhaustion. I guess you could say that I was OD’ing on life for a moment and didn’t know what or how to say it. To be honest, I still don’t, but at least now I actually managed to log in. That’s always a start. So Hi! Here I

Happy Sunday people! I’ve been neglecting the blog way too long and now it seems like a good time to step in with a tiny update. March was my birthday month and truth be told I felt overwhelmed with greetings, love and surprises from all corners of the universe. Man, do I feel blessed? Thank you! My dad was in LA after his trip to Princeton for a few days and we filmed some more footage for our documentary about artificial life and we had a few days of quality

Rock’n’Roll People Sorry! It’s been far too long since I posted anything in here.  I’ve been too busy on different accounts so when I finally arrived home all I wanted to do was crash with a movie or a book. Since I got back from Europe a little over a month ago I’ve mainly focused on finding the right post production house / scenario for our documentary about Artificial Life. We are almost done filming and it’s super exciting to see the little dots slowly come together one by one.

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