No pain no gain – or perhaps not..?

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“Kristina, of course the magic word ‘stop’ is legit with me. But to get the most out of my treatment, I suggest, that show you me where you’re from when I work on your body” – These are the words from the ‘manuel therapist’ super star Carsten Esmark. At least in my book he is a legend since only 2 treatments has helped me immensely.  “Your lower back looks too straight. It should have a larger curve to it. There is probably something stuck in your hips. “… What?! I was always told in yoga, in acting class etc to stop arching my back. Now, apparently I was right all along. “ You have a fractured fiber in your left calf, your left achilles needs a lot of attention and your upper back is very stiff. Now, let’s get to work”

So why am I in such bad shape? Well, I had a pretty intense year so far. You probably know the deal: pushing and pushing without listening to the body and slowly aching and pain starts to creep up on you. In the beginning it’s not too bad, so you ignore it. Perhaps you get a massage, visit the spa or if you are a little more free minded you try acupuncture and it feels ok. The pain releases for a day or perhaps a week. Tops. Then you are pretty much back to one and annoyed yet not wise enough to do something real about the agony. At least that’s my story.

When I was in the acting studio in NYC I had a great doctor who helped align me often, which was awesome. I felt good and didn’t lose or gain weight. It seemed like the body was feeling pretty alright most of the time. Then I came to LA, which is over 6 years ago and I have not found anyone to match my NYC doctor yet. So 6 years of doing my thing: traveling all the time, working non stop, little to no sleep and changing time zones like people change socks. Long story short; this July my body was a serious mess. Like, really bad. Waking up in the middle of the night with crazy pain and numbness in the entire right side of my body, which seemed to come from a hysteric sciatic nerve. Moreover, I had trouble breathing all the way down into my belly, my back was always off or sort of stiff, my left angle was a shit show and has been for years and I had pain in my left calve.

I happened to be in Copenhagen and the pain had gotten so bad I had to do something. Through good contacts here in Denmark I heard about Carsten Esmark, who works at Kropsinstituttet in the very heart of the city. I contacted him, which I suggest you do if you have any ongoing physical problems. Don’t wait like me. I was such a morron to not listen to my body for so long. It only gets worse. A problem does not ‘just’ evaporate unless you change your lifestyle or get help. Or perhaps both. It’s not rocket science
Anyways, after my first visit I could begin exercising again. After 4-5 months in pain hell and no gym I cannot begin to describe the relief. After my second visit I felt almost back to normal. I still have some trouble with my achilles heel, but I am definitely on the right track now and looking forward to my next treatment.

Carsten Esmark is a professional reflexologist who draws from different techniques to restore the right movement in the joints.  ‘Manuel treatment’ is one of them, plus his thorough and unique understanding of the human body. He has over 20 years as an elite Ice Hockey player under his belt and today he travels as the number one physical therapist for the the Danish senior men’s ice hockey national team plus he has been working for the US St. Louis Blues NHL team on their Camps. Elite sport stars aside, Carsten also works with normal people like myself. People who have other needs than sport stars. I can truly recommend his perfectionistic approach. It might hurt a bit when he finds your sore spots, but once he is done you will feel the relief. That’s a promise.


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Carsten Esmark facts:

Hometown? I’m from the number one ice hockey city in Denmark, Herlev.

Why this field of work? I began working in this field because I love ice hockey and sports. I found that reflexology was not enough for me so I picked up ‘manuel treatment’ from the best mentor you can get in Denmark, Frede Jensen, who is 87 years old today and still works as a doctor on the national ice hockey team.

What is your vision? My vision is to keep developing my skills, becoming better and help more people who suffer from pain.

Future plans? I love my job and see myself here in the future. Just better at my craft and always developing becoming a better and happier human being.



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