‘Authenticity’ – Word of the night


Californian nature is breathtaking…

So what is LA life like these days? It’s better than it’s been in a long time if you ask me. The city and the atmosphere is positive in spite of crazy candidates for election. Yet I still am split between Europe and LA living my life on Face Time or on a flight more hours of the day that I’d like to. I’m wondering if that will ever change since my loved ones are spread all over the planet.

I have many different things on my mind tonight I don’t know where to start. First, I would like to apologize to all my friends and the people who write me and ask for advice about LA and NYC. I get many requests every week and I don’t know how to get around to answer everybody. I hope you don’t hate me 🙁 . I guess this would be the time to do a concierge guide for my favorite cities. I have lived in a suitcase pretty much since 2005 and have more than a few tips and experiences to share.

Next topic. I’m moving (again!) and the whole packing and going through my books, papers, clothes etc. makes me reevaluate a few topics. One is: Are you where you want to be? Are you what you want to be? But even more importantly, are you WHO you want to be? I think the last question is the most important because it deals with the level of authenticity you practice. Now, this is subject to interpretation because it means different things to everyone. For me, part of it means always asking the ‘why’ before I embark onto a new project. Because our actions become us. And if I cannot answer that ‘why’ in a way that agrees with my core values I cannot be authentic it in.

To not make this too long winded and because I have to sleep, I have a shoot tmro, I will just wrap it here with the word of the night being ‘authenticity’.

The pictures below are just a few of my Cali experiences. Hope you like them 🙂


Blessed and happy to experience moments like these. Casa del Mar in Santa Monica.


More beach time… Check out how the ice cube melts between my fingers.


From Venice to Malibu


Moving and down with the flu. Not the greatest combo 🙁


Taking my calls in my bikini today and this huge butterfly came by to say hello






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  1. Robert says:

    L.A. versus NYC – the never-ending contest. I was raised in NYC and spent 14 years on the NYPD as a detectives in narcotics, and there is something magical to me about NYC. There really isn’t any other city quite like it.

    But L.A. does provide a variety of stunningly beautiful vistas: the ocean at night; mountains; desert, you standing on a balcony in a bikini, which is really all the natural, ravishing beauty one can need.

    Authenticity – good word. To me, it means being true to yourself – your principles, your values, and staying true to those, no matter what the outside pressure.

    Moving is stressful; I hope it goes smoothly for you.

  2. Thank you for your input Robert!

    I agree, staying true to oneself is very important. Especially when that ‘self’ develops with experiences and boundaries are being crossed left and right.

    LA will do that to anyone. I have a met few during my 10 years in LA who have kept it real and authentic. I think that a solid family base and a small group of real friends will help a lot on this account.

    And oooh yesss! NYC has my heart – always! 😀

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