Acting Experiences from my first Movie Sedona’s Rule

This movie might look romantic and innocent. It isn’t…

Hey guys,

The absolute radio silence stems from me trying to change web hosts. A switch that went completely haywire and resulted in a digital disaster ๐Ÿ™ . I’m just getting on my feet again recovering all my content and hoping to be back in blog / Vlog biz with frequent posts again very soon.

Autographing the “Sedona’s Rule” movie poster

While doing everything I could to retrieve old and new blog content (pictures, texts, videos since 2008) I stumbled across this old thing: “Sedona’s Rule”. My first feature film, shot in San Francisco and LA pretty much right after I graduated from The William Esper Studio in NYC. Oh! And I play Sedona. A young woman with serious commitment issues. Issues she twists into a wicked, dangerous love game.

Poor guy falls into Sedona’s manipulating web

“Hey, you’re actually a nice person”. I didn’t realize that Sedona’s manipulating doings on film made people think I am like her.

I recall the director Josh keeping my socializing with cast and crew to an absolute minimum during production. He wanted the tension between us to build organically. The last or the second last day of shooting we all went out for a drink in San Francisco and I remember Eddie, one of the producers coming up to me saying: “Hey, you’re actually a nice person”. I didn’t realize that Sedona’s manipulating doings on film made people think I am like her. Today I’m on wonderful terms with everyone, but back then it was an interesting experience getting this feedback.

Actress Katie Soo and I ripping off each other’s heads about a boy

This might look romantic and innocent. It isn’t ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you like, you can watch the entire movie below!

Annnnd I apologize in advance for any young, bad acting on my part ๐Ÿ˜‰ . I am here to learn. Always! It’s the same pretty much every time I look at my old work. I usually want to change a 100 things about it. Lots of my actor colleagues know what I’m talking about. It can be a pretty vulnerable situation to put yourself ‘out there’ and then leave all responsibility in the hands of director and editors. But it’s a fantastic and inspiring experienceย  too. And that, I wouldn’t change for anything!

And below is a video done on the night of the movie premiere in San Francisco

With this ‘Thursday throwback’ I leave you again! I’m excited to make more new video material and soon be able to tell you guys about future acting endeavors I’m about to embark onto…

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