Sunday Funday – My feet are killing me!

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It’s sunday and my feet hurt like nobody’s business. Last night 15 of my girls and I were out emancipating the dance floor @ Club Sunday in Copenhagen. Today I realize that my good old and faithful suede Dolce&Gabbana heels have seen better days.

It’s my last weekend in Denmark for now and it’s become tradition for us ladies to have at least one rock star night out on town before I go home to LA. So a lot of dining and wining, gossiping, kissing in corners and not telling (obviously), dancing and laughing went down before I rode my bike home waaaaay too late. Jesus! Vikings know how to party.

Puppy, Tiger Lilly and I are about to hop on my bike and head out to the beach to clear our/ my head and collect seaweed for my shoot tmro. Yeah, I know. Weird. Don’t ask why! I’m modeling an editorial shoot and we need seaweed for one of the looks and I promised to bring it to set tmro morning. So even though my body is tired and my feet are killing me from my ‘shoe-iside’ last night, I know for a fact that it will benefit my health, body and soul to get some fresh air.

Tuesday I have another fashion/beauty shoot and then I’m off to LA again. Later this week I start shooting a new movie in LA. A horror film. so I’m slowly switching gears mentally from the crime TV series ‘The Team’ I just shot first round of here in Europe and tuning myself into the next project where I play a nanny. I only have a few shooting days on this project and then AFM hits Santa Monica and film industry peeps from all over the world will flock to my hood. It will be fun and I’m excited to go back home :-).

We have been getting quite some press on the TV Series ‘The Team’ that began shooting in Copenhagen this week. It’s exciting to be on board this project and I feel lucky to work with such talents, professional and fun people. If you would like to check out some of the articles, please click here:

Press / Press / Press / Press

Screen shot 2013-10-26 at 12.37.56 AM

team press arrest

team press

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