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The amazing director Kasper Gaardsoe and I after wrap 🙂

Heathrow Airport, London. Once again I’m here waiting for my flight to Los Angeles and to not break what has become a tradition for me, I’m enjoying a spicy Bloody Mary before the 11 hour journey home begins.

I realize I have not updated my blog in a while. I’m sorry about this, but to my defense the trip to Europe was super busy with work and I almost didn’t have a minute to sit down, go through my pictures and write something clever. Whenever I was done on film set I crashed and slept like a baby. Next morning, if lucky I had a little time to hit the gym before pickup and then we were off to location filming again.

It has been so fun and challenging to be on this set of The Team. A European detective / drama based tv series, which shoots all over Europe. I filmed with the same group back in October 2013, or almost the same. For this block of filming we had a new director, DP and 1st AD onboard and the days and nights of filming were longer and more enduring. The first couple of days we were challenged with snow storm, freezing wind gusts, 200 alive chickens and no running water on location. It was a challenge for everybody alright. The cold, wet and uncomfortable weather plus location started to drill on me after some days since my costume was a tiny black French maid dress. Luckily enough, the girls from wardrobe were so efficient and helpful in keeping me warm between takes that it was doable. In the beginning I was like; ”Naaah, I’m a viking. I don’t need those warming patches under my little dress. they are going to make me look fat and chubby.” After a few hours, I changed my mind. And in the end of the day I didn’t give a flying fxxk about what I looked like anymore. I just wanted to get warm.

Here are a few behind the scenes pictures from filming in Denmark the past 4 weeks…


Shooting in the city of Copenhagen. You probably can’t tell, but it’s insanely cold and windy. Later, the super star actor Filip Peeters and I are indoor catching our breaths after a long and violent fight scene…

Recently Updated303

Actor Rudi Köhnke, director Kasper Gaardsoe and I goofing around in the snow on location. PS – call time was 5 am this morning, hence bags under my eyes… 😉

Recently Updated305

Filming is soooooo glamorous! We do nothing, but drink champagne, get manicures, party and have sex on set. That’s what some people think. The opposite is the truth; We look like homeless people, who have been set on fire, we freeze our asses off, I’m too exhausted to even pronounce the word ‘sex’ and my nails have never looked worst after this gig…

Recently Updated306

Actors Rudi Köhnke, Mads Riisom, Oscar Giese, Thomas Knut-Winterfeldt, Ramadan and director Kasper Gaardsoe in the stables between takes..

Recently Updated307

DP Jan Pallesen, Director Kasper Gaardsoe, Actors Ramadan, Oscar Giese and I in the stables. In case you wonder; yes, we – the actors – are wearing makeup so we look almost dead. Just pointing it out … 😉

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