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Camilla Rude, owner of Klinik Rude and I in their beautiful space in Copenhagen

During my last stay in Copenhagen I visited ‘Klinik Rude’, a cosmetic dermatological clinic with dermatologists, dentists and nurses on staff.

I went to this specific spot because I know the owner Camilla Rude and because other local girlfriends of mine recommended their work. Coincident had it, that Camilla and I shared a flat for a few days during Cannes Film Festival in May 2015 and as it usually goes for women who spend a lot of time together, we also began sharing clothes, dating stories, beauty tips and skin concerns.

My main skin concern is my hyper pigmentation in the face. More or less ‘tanned spots’ random appearance on the skin when exposed to sunlight. It’s unbelievably annoying and the reason why I wear makeup. I’ve had it more or less since my early 20’s and all doctors tell me that birth control (the pill) was the kick starter for my new ‘look’. And they say it will probably get worse if/when I get pregnant. Great!

Camilla told me that they have two specialized treatments for my problem at Klinik Rude

  1. A special mask you take home, put on your face and wear for 12 hours. This means a downtime of 12 hours, where you cannot leave the house. I didn’t have time for it on this trip so I chose treatment number
  2. A laser treatment, which doesn’t have downtime, but sounds a bit scary if you ask me. Luckily it isn’t. It will make your pigmentation go a bit darker for a few days until the pigmentation falls off by itself. Today the lasers are not painful as they were years back and my skin looks so much better after the treatment. I can totally recommend it to anyone, who hates his or her pigmentation spots as much as I do.

Will the pigmentation come back? Good question. Usually the tanned spots resurface when I’m exposed to the sun. Also in spite of the fact that I wear SPF 100 every single day. Since I live in LA, California, the sunshine state it’s almost impossible not to catch some rays. But I have a feeling the problem will be less this time. My skin looks and feels a lot stronger and the texture is better. I’m headed home to LA in 9 days so I’ll let you know how it goes by then …  😉


Camilla Rude. Business woman and beauty specialist

Here is a little interview I did with business woman Camilla Rude. I think she is such a power lady. Beautiful inside and outside. And it’s very cool of her to have the guts to open up her own clinic and talk about all the beauty ’ no-nos’ , secrets and subjects that most people find taboo to talk about in public. Respect and kudos to Camilla and her staff and I will definitely come back next time I’m in Copenhagen!

Name: Camilla Rude

Title: Owner of Klinik Rude

Hometown: Copenhagen

Favorite travel destination?

The small private islands around Venice in Italy. Its amazing. The food, the weather, the people, and you have to sail everywhere.

Favorite beauty product?

Super Booster3 night cream in the Clinical edition, which you can only buy from dermatologists. It has more vitamin A than every cream I have ever heard about.

Favorite item in your closet?

My little black dress from Wolford.
What is your beauty routine (morning / evening)?  

Use as few different products as possible and do not change often. Otherwise you will have breakouts eventually. Use a cream with vitamin E in the daytime to soften your skin (and remember the neck). In the night time use vitamin A. The skin works a lot when you sleep, and vitamin A keeps your skin younger

What is the most important to do if you want to be healthy and look beautiful?

Drink a lot of water, eat mostly raw food and no sugar. Do not use too much cosmetics.

What’s your number 1 beauty tip?

Sleep and a healthy diet. If you have wrinkles, Botox for sure.

If you could only do 1 beauty treatment for the rest of your life, what would it be?


What is your professional background?

I have a Masters degree in communications and economics.

What made you want to start Rude?

It was my passion for starting my own business and beauty. And to be able to help other people. All are subjects close to my heart.

What is Rude and who are the owners?

Klinik Rude is a cosmetic dermatological clinic with dermatologists and nurses, who treat wrinkles and skin diseases with Botox, filler and lasers. We are two owners, Jimmie Larsen and myself. We do everything else aside from treating patients.

What is Rude’s philosophy?

To help people become as beautiful as they wish to be.

Do you feel a change in your own lifestyle after you started Rude?

Definitely. I have grown more these two years I’ve had Klinik Rude, than I thought was possible. I have learned a lot about people, about the business life and the  obstacles.

What costumers visit Rude?

It’s everyone. Young women who want bigger lips, elder women who want to look younger. Young boys with skin problems like acne and rosacea, grown up men, who wants to remove hair and wrinkles.

What is the most popular treatment?

At the moment it’s lips.

What’s the future plan for Rude?

We wish to expand and open a clinic in Lyngby (Denmark) as well. Hopefully a place, where we can do more hardcore laser treatments; cutting off moles and do serious face lifting.

What’s your biggest dream?

To open a doctors clinic in Frederiksberg (Copenhagen). The clinic will have several different doctors to do their own independent treatments. Both dermatologists, plastic surgeons, gynecologists etc.


The Klinik Rude team


“Hyper pigmentation, die”!!! 😀 Camilla and I goofing around with the laser equipment. The shades are for safety.

For more information about Klinik Rude click HERE

If you would like to read Camilla’s personal blog click HERE

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