I’m still head over (high) heels

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“Meeting New York City is like meeting the man of your dreams. The compact granite peninsula has everything your heart desires – and more – and its raw, unpolished beauty is striking from first glance. Imperfect, dirty, edgy and noisy – yet a major heartbreaker. New York is the ‘new city’ that, despite its worn appearance, is constantly evolving. And does it get any better than that? I feel welcome here in a way that I don’t anywhere else in the world. Here, it’s okay to have a dream and work hard to come within reach of it. New Yorkers are very welcoming to people with dreams and ambitions, and when New York opens her arms to you, it feels as if you’re immortal. When embraced by New York City, anything suddenly becomes possible…”

The above is the introduction to my book NYC HEAD OVER HIGH HEELS that came out in 2008. Today 6 years later, every word still rings 100% true to me. It’s been 6,5 years now since I made the move from NYC to Los Angeles. And though I love the West Coast and Cali, NYC still is my number one crush.

It’s been 2 years since I visited my crush and I cannot get my arms down nor ever get over how amazingly alive, busy and sexy this city is. 6 days in the city with some of my best girlfriends. Shopping, dining, wining, clubbing, partying, gossiping and a touch of work thrown in for good measure 24-7 with hardly no sleep. No rest for the wicked. Now I’m sitting in my flight seat somewhere over America with red eyes, messy hair, a very empty bank account and a virgin Bloody Mary en route back to LA and a much needed night of rest in my own bed.

Have a beautiful day or evening where ever you are…

Much love from the 10 K club  …. 😉

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Jeff Taylor and I in an almost historic NYC moment. #reunion #glenn

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A hangover is not so bad when you deal with it downtown Manhattan with your best girl by your side…

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Gym time is an absolutely must do for me if I want to stay fit. I cannot do the champagne campaign and carb overload and still have abs. It takes work and sweat on my part #fact

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Girls from all over the world…. #unitednations #up&down #clubbing #nyc

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Kissing, clubbing, dancing …. #sistas #love

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Play time continues…

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Sunday late Italian dinner

Recently Updated341Bar Pitti is an absolute ‘must’ when in NYC. I always crave the Eggs pomodoro with basil and olive oil… #comfortfood

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