Cover story for Luxury Aficionados Magazine. Tales from a Cannes Aficionado This year is the first time in a while that I don’t go to Cannes during the Film Festival. I’m enjoying a family trip to New Mexico and Vermont. But my absence in Cannes doesn’t mean that you get out of me talking about it 😉 May is usually super busy because of the planning, events, work, meetings, jet lag, no sleep etc. I realize, I never had a moment to do a post about what happens in Cannes

Hi guys, I’m back in New Mexico for a family reunion. Yeah, I have siblings here and used to live here myself when I was in Junior High. The pic above is of my dad and I ready for take off CPH – ABQ… Currently, I’m sitting in the shade, sipping tea and eating cookies at The Santa Fe Institute reminiscing on when we first moved here. The American Adventure Part One The fall of 1988 became a complete game changer for me. My father was invited to work at

Dad and I at my grandparents farm in the Northern part of Zealand, Denmark Adventures and Quiet House with Dad Where my mother’s style of living was an inferno of being social in the commune my dad’s house was very quiet. He is a physicist and at that time he was doing his PHD so I had a lot of time to myself. In our house we only kept the most left wing, high brow newspaper ‘Information’ and we had no TV. We only listened to P1, which is the

Lesbian Week

Femoelejr kaffe

  The pictures are from the National Women’s Camp in courtesy of ‘Statsbiblioteket’ Lesbian Week I was probably 5 or 6 years old, when my mother, her cousin and 2 other women in our community house plus their 2 children decided we should go on a summer festival together. Great idea! Weather was superb and we had a whole week together to play and chill. Our destination was the National Women’s Camp during the infamous ‘Lesbian Week’. The camp was located on a small Danish island called  ‘Femoe’. Come to

My beautiful mother and I Hi guys, During the time I’ve been working on the documentary about the emerging technologies and about my father and I, I’ve been asked to dive back into my past and talk about my upbringing. Like most people’s past, my memories are both bitter, sweet, fun, nostalgic, sad, filled with love and luckily I can only count very few regrets. I’ll share a few short chapters with you over the next week or two. Perhaps there will be things you can recognize from your own

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