Beauty Persists

Veruschka is one of my favorite models slash beauty icons. She has diversity, grace and a beauty like no other. She starred in Antonioni’s film Blow-Up from 1966 when her career as a model was peaking. Blow-up is a picturesque film, which became of great value and inspiration to the fashion industry ever since as well as it is a big mile stone in film history. GemGem

Wicked Game

chris isaac-wicked games I woke up and it’s just one of those mornings at a certain time of the month where you just want to cry, beat something or somebody up and eat chocolate while doing it. But somehow this video, however old it might be, just takes me away and gives me a brake from myself. it’s beyond beautiful, peaceful, dreamy and has everything that I want today: a flat belly, sultry green eyes, long brown hair, olive skin, a beach on Hawaii and Chris Isaac’s voice. But I

Yesterday I had a real ‘Hollywood- actressy-kinda’ day. Since I work with Europe late at night because of the 9 hours time difference I usually sleep in a bit to catch up on some rest. So waking up late, shuffling my lazy body out onto the balcony and stumbling over Emma our English Bulldog who likes to tan in the doorway, I stretch and take in the view of L.A. and smile to myself. Damn I’m so lucky to experience this! To live my life with all it’s ups an

Looks du Jour

4 girls with different styles that I love. Number 1 Erin Wasson is the super model turned stylist turned art promoter who moved from NYC to settle here in LA. She loves the weather and the surf. Looking out the window today you can’t blame her. We have over 90 degrees and a clear blue sky…Oh and did I mention that the weather was the same yesterday and that the forecast predicts sunshine the next 10 days …? 🙂 Number 2 is Aurel Schmidt a NYC based visual artist spotted

Lauren Hutton

One of my great style icons is model and actress Lauren Hutton. I love her personal swagger; Suits, effortless shirts and work wear worn with her dazzling blue piercing eyes. She rocks the ‘femme goes male’ look just as good as my other style icon Marlene Dietrich. But Lauren is so amazingly beautiful, organic, welcoming and still ‘just’ a woman. An imperfect human being with a gap tooth, creases around her eyes and messy hair. But all her tiny flaws make her so much more interesting and stunning in my

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