Lauren Hutton

One of my great style icons is model and actress Lauren Hutton. I love her personal swagger; Suits, effortless shirts and work wear worn with her dazzling blue piercing eyes. She rocks the ‘femme goes male’ look just as good as my other style icon Marlene Dietrich.

But Lauren is so amazingly beautiful, organic, welcoming and still ‘just’ a woman. An imperfect human being with a gap tooth, creases around her eyes and messy hair. But all her tiny flaws make her so much more interesting and stunning in my eyes.


And to top her coolness off some years ago Lauren accepted to pose nude at the age of 61 in Big Magazine. She decided to do it because she wanted to be an inspiration to other women her own age. ”I want them (women) not to feel ashamed of who they are in bed. Society has told us to be ashamed”, she told Good Morning America.

I think she is a hell of an inspiration!

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