Last week I had an audition where the part I was up for did this tongue trick (among other stuff). My day got very busy and I never made it to the audition, but now at least I know what it could have looked like…

Marlon Brando

I can get over how extremely hot and talented this man was! He raises the bar on so many levels. Street Car Named Desire is one of my favorite plays from American Playwright Tennesee Williams. The tension between Vivian Leigh and Marlon Brando is on fire. What can you do, but answer when a man shouts your name like Brando does… Sex appeal and looks doesn’t hurt either 😉

Have you ever gate crashed a party? Of course you have (and if you haven’t get your boney ass in gear and try it before you get too old!). The question here is rather; have you ever gate crashed a private birthday party in The affluent Pacific Palisades at 3 pm where you are guest number 6 arriving, which means that there’s no way in hell that you can sneak in. No no. You are introduced to everybody as ”Miss uhh…..’yeah, who is it exactly you are again…? Oh me?

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