Soooooo LA!!!

One for the money, two for the show. Hit the Louis store right on Rodeo. White SL, the colour of Yayo Pass the cup to my girl and told her to sip slow. This my show, watch me baby, The way i go can’t stop me baby Seatbelt beside me baby, LA just drive me crazy. We could float through the city night, im drunk and your lookin real pretty right. Make love i ain’t finna fight. Not once, we can go till we get it right. What it cost


Ok, this is the deal: Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to an important birthday-thing for an important big-shot director here in Hwood. And Sunday very early in the a.m. I’m going to Las Vegas with my man to check out the fashion fairs, clubs, restaurants, and to get the hell out of LA for a couple of days. So as any sane girl this is what I need to do before tomorrow 2 p.m.: 1. Get my unruly troll hair fixed. And since I’m doing it the ‘recessionista’ way I’m doing

Having had one of those really weird days where I feel sedated, alone, out of control and excluded from the rest of the world I begin to contemplate control versus intimacy. What does those two concepts really mean? Can you have one without the other or do they out rule each other? Can you be in control and still be truly intimate with someone? When are you intimate with someone? Is it when you are emotionally naked, open, honest and out of control, when you are in love or is

Drum roll please! While most fashion addicts around the World are anticipating The September Issue of Vogue we can indulge in this ‘Letterman versus Wintour’ encounter. Letterman might not be ‘in vogue’, but he certainly is funny. Who doesn’t remember his opening at the 67 Academy Awards when he goes: ‘Oprah….Uma….Oprah….Uma’. If you haven’t seen that google it immediately. it’s hilarious! The man is insane and always walking that thin line between being over the top and just plain funny.

Still procrastinating and feeling sorry for myself. What is better than browsing beauties online. This shot is gorgeous if you are into the whole biker chick thing, which I am. I think it rocks. And funny thing is I think this location might be Williamsburg in NYC very close to my old apartment. Just shot more than a decade ago and long before I set foot in that hood ;-). GemGem

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