Danish Dance

I first heard this song in a club when I was visiting my home town of Copenhagen this Summer. In the beginning I was like: ”Danish Dance..? What is that?”. But it grew on me very fast. I think it’s one of the best dance tracks ever made in Denmark. Take a bow Medina!

Lunching Ladies

From early morning this day was a complete disaster. Nothing would go my way. My bank was going crazy, I had a fight over Skype with a family member, I didn’t fit my fave jeans and it was too hot to do anything. So I called my new Euro BFF Terese who just moved in a couple of miles down the hill and we went for lunch in The Grove. I’m not too keen on the concept of spending my waking hours in an outdoor mall with strong similarities to

Downtown LA

Feeling up for some adventure, we went Downtown to explore another side of LA. Hollywood is very ‘sceny’ and Downtown has a more real urban feel to it. Which I prefer. Being able to walk from bar to bar and meet normal people grows on you when you live in West Hollywood; the hood of silicone, botox and hair extensions on heels. We paid a visit to the lounge bar Edison Downtown, an old Power Factory, reinvented and designed into a gorgeous, spacious venue. Well located under ground and hostesses

Married with Kids

This might sound as a terrible cliche for a woman of my age (no mentioning of digits here. We are in LA people!) to contemplate about marriage, kids versus career and freedom, but nevertheless it’s my thoughts and I’m going to share them with you. Yesterday I went to a dinner party at one of my new girl friends here in LA. A potluck. Everybody brings something and we all bond over wine, fantastic meatballs, tons of salads, brownies, strawberries and a fantastic view. We’re in The Hills. Of course.


I don’t know what it is about Maxwell…. He has this Je ne sais quoi about him. His music is just too juicy, soft, sensual and…. Oh whatever; I’m in love! 🙂 Yeah, sorry guys! I’m totally procrastinating, but here’s another piece of eye candy…

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