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Downtown LA

Feeling up for some adventure, we went Downtown to explore another side of LA. Hollywood is very ‘sceny’ and Downtown has a more real urban feel to it. Which I prefer. Being able to walk from bar to bar and meet normal people grows on you when you live in West Hollywood; the hood of silicone, botox and hair extensions on heels. We paid a visit to the lounge bar Edison Downtown, an old Power Factory, reinvented and designed into a gorgeous, spacious venue. Well located under ground and hostesses

Married with Kids

This might sound as a terrible cliche for a woman of my age (no mentioning of digits here. We are in LA people!) to contemplate about marriage, kids versus career and freedom, but nevertheless it’s my thoughts and I’m going to share them with you. Yesterday I went to a dinner party at one of my new girl friends here in LA. A potluck. Everybody brings something and we all bond over wine, fantastic meatballs, tons of salads, brownies, strawberries and a fantastic view. We’re in The Hills. Of course.


I don’t know what it is about Maxwell…. He has this Je ne sais quoi about him. His music is just too juicy, soft, sensual and…. Oh whatever; I’m in love! 🙂 Yeah, sorry guys! I’m totally procrastinating, but here’s another piece of eye candy…

On Air!

hey hey! I’m being interviewed by Sin City Sessions August 25th @ 9 pm Pacific time / midnight Eastern time. Or you can catch the show on:

Last night our neighbor Myriam threw her birthday party, but not in her own house. No-no! Why trash your own place when you have friends who own gorgeous mansions with overwhelming views. That is the true West Hollywood Hills way of partying. Myriam borrowed a beautiful house one block down the street, invited tons of cool guests and had an über stylish B-day bash. Funny thing was though, when we arrived fashionably late – 2 hours late – Myriam hadn’t made her entrance yet. Even more Hollywood style! So around

Bulldog Bath

Our English Bulldog Emma Billie Jean gets very dirty, smelly and sticky very fast. Best remedy; A quickie in the tub… Spotted: My (hot) boyfriend in his D&G boxers struggling with 60 pounds of (cute) fury muscle mass. View over LA in the background in case you were wondering 😉

Audition Baby!

Today was the first day of auditioning in….. how long…? Well, let’s just say in a while. It took me a week and a half to settle back into LA after 8 weeks abroad. (San Francisco, Ibiza, Copenhagen, Rome). So no need to say my nerves were messing with me this morning. And even though I know how to take a big breath and ‘let it all out’ I made a complete fool out myself at my AM casting; Casting Director: ”Kristina, please tell something about yourself!” Me: ”Well, err

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