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Kristina Korsholm

Bulldog Bath

Our English Bulldog Emma Billie Jean gets very dirty, smelly and sticky very fast. Best remedy; A quickie in the tub… Spotted: My (hot) boyfriend in his D&G boxers struggling with 60 pounds of (cute) fury muscle mass. View over LA in the background in case you were wondering 😉

Audition Baby!

Today was the first day of auditioning in….. how long…? Well, let’s just say in a while. It took me a week and a half to settle back into LA after 8 weeks abroad. (San Francisco, Ibiza, Copenhagen, Rome). So no need to say my nerves were messing with me this morning. And even though I know how to take a big breath and ‘let it all out’ I made a complete fool out myself at my AM casting; Casting Director: ”Kristina, please tell something about yourself!” Me: ”Well, err

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