The American dream… Or is it…?  Perhaps reality caught up with fantasy and left most of a population wondering what happened. Deserted, alienated and lost…. The images I’m posting tonight are mere a comment, not a conclusion nor a fact. We shot for Rock’n’Roll People. Photography: @ Nikolai Nalu / Landscape photography: @ Kristina Korsholm   / Styling: @Lehang Pedersen / Love Me Twice                    

Back in The City of Angels It’s been 4 months and some change, and I’m back in the city of angels. It feels like a lifetime went by in that time frame and yet everything is super familiar. My city, my peeps, my love. Don’t know if you recall, but I moved less than a week before I embarked on my euro tour back in June. So I came home to a place where most of my stuff was still in boxes. New home, new slate, new hood. Yet, still

Leaving Europe…

T-minus 4 days and I’m up and away in the air again. Next stop Vienna and a few days later my home, Los Angeles. 2014 is almost coming to an end and I have an evening with tons of junk food, bad TV and sofa-contemplation. The past months, since vacation coma evaporated in Europe, the pace picked up rapidly and life has kept me in check me with a tight work schedule and ditto social commitments 24-7. I’m flying into the Austrian capital to participate in a conference with my

Girl time with Nicoline and Christel  Flight tickets are booked and I can spot an end to my Tour de Europe for now. Yup, just like that! For months I’ve been delaying my return because of work and meetings on this side of the bay. But now work is taking me to Vienna to a film festival and then onwards home to the City of Angels aka EL Lay…. 😉 As emotions of melancholy, restlessness, anxiety and top excitement embark I realize that I’m going home to a entire new

    The past month I have worked closely with the great artist and photographer Henrik Sorensen. We met under water back in January 2013 when he shot me for the 2013 campaign for Hasselblad. (I know, it sounds funny, but nevertheless is it true. We shot the images for the Hasselblad campaign under water in a pool). Post Hasselblad, we shot numerous other pictures together and I was always impressed with his World class level when it comes to technique, composition, idea and execution. We sort of lost touch

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